LA Streetwear Fashion


Letting Music Influence Your Clothes

Many of the most distinctive trends in streetwear have been influenced by contemporary musicians from the rock and hip hop genre. While some performers prefer a glamorous, high-fashion look, it has become more common to see artists sporting jeans, graphic tees and snapback hats on stage. LA streetwear often mimics this style due to its roots in urban culture and music. In fact, recent runway shows have even showcased collections with track pants and hooded sweatshirts in an effort to incorporate more urbanized trends. You can learn about the local fashion industry and its importance, on this website:

Conquering Your Fear of Color

Another trademark of streetwear in Los Angeles is bright splashes of color mixed with neutral staples, such as denim and leather. Whether you are layering a light jacket over a funky band shirt or adding neon striped sneakers to your ensemble, experimenting with different color combinations is guaranteed to make your outfit more memorable. You can even apply this concept to sunglasses, jewelry and hats, so don’t be afraid to take a risk with your accessories too.

Celebrating Popular Icons of the Past

Although streetwear is essentially a reflection of mainstream fashion trends, it also celebrates popular media icons that are well-known in today’s society. You might think that the checked flannels of the early grunge scene are out of date, but modern designers have transformed this style from lumberjack lazy to runway rocker with eye-catching appliques and contrasting colors. Similarly, high top sneakers are considered a streetwear essential, but the design actually originated in the 1930’s to give basketball players extra support around the ankle.

Embracing Comfort With Attitude

Because streetwear in Los Angeles is so edgy and appealing, it can be easy to forget the practical roots of the style. Despite the high-fashion elements found in many brands, functionality and comfort is still a priority in order to maintain an active lifestyle. That is why prominent designers often utilize materials like denim, flannel or leather to create clothing that can handle extensive use. By wearing clothes that are both stylish and durable, it is also easier to move from one task to the next without stopping at home to change. See for yourself by stepping out for lunch in a pair of track pants, and then head to the local gym for a refreshing workout.

Ultimately, streetwear in Los Angeles invites you to personalize your wardrobe with unique trends that are inspired by modern culture. Just remember to push the boundaries of casual fashion beyond jeans and a t-shirt with fun accessories and clothing. In the end, the fluid standards of LA streetwear will have you searching for new ways to make your outfit stand out without sacrificing quality or comfort.

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