Don’t Miss These Tips For Selecting The Perfect Engagement Ring


Once you have found the woman of your dreams, the next step is to propose her, and for that, you need the perfect ring. Engagement rings are special, and if you look online for designs, you can find a bunch of choices. In this post, we have listed down the tips that will come handy when you are confused with option. You can learn about the jewelry options for wedding day, on this website:

  • Check for clues. Every woman hopes to get a ring that she will actually wear. Of course, it’s not always easy to ask a direct question, especially if you want it to be a surprise. Ask her about her ring size and the kind of designs she prefers. That way, you can surprise and please her at the same time.
  • Set a budget. Let’s agree on one thing – Not every can afford an engagement ring that cost millions. Realistically speaking, it makes sense to set a budget – the maximum that you can afford, and it will help in narrowing the choices effectively.
  • Go for a custom engagement ring. Contrary to what people often believe, custom rings don’t have to be expensive, as long as you choose the right designer/jewelry. For example, AE Design Jewellery specialise in custom made engagement rings, and you can get one according to your budget.

  • Know your diamonds. Four critical things determine the cost of a diamond – cut, clarity, color, and carat. There are plenty of online information on each of these aspects, and you can choose to forgo one thing for another, depending on the kind of gemstone you are looking for. Diamonds are traditional choices for engagement rings, but if you are low on budget, you can skip the solitaire for an emerald.
  • Choose the design wisely. Typically, women love showing off their engagement ring, but not everyone wants a big rock that’s just too glamorous to be worn every day. Find a balance, especially if you are opting for a custom ring. If you don’t want a big stone, go for a band of smaller diamonds, which is often more practical, more when you want her to wear it all the time.

  • Metal is important. Gold and platinum are two most loved metals for engagement rings, and diamonds work well with both. You can also opt for rose gold, which is quite in trend for a while and is an ideal replacement for yellow gold.

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