How to wear a sweatshirt for men with 5 outfit ideas


Men’s fashion is constantly evolving. Way back 1960s, See the difference in styling and dressing up! That was the era that we so lovingly hate to recall. From bold neon colours to fanny packs, some of the horrid fads that were once popular now makeup only meme-worthy content. You can learn about uni-sex dresses, on this website:

We generally follow fashion trends from celebrities. And we won’t mind questioning how and when our Bollywood icons came up with a specific trend. Remember Govinda’s garishly loud dressing style? From an outfit having all the colours of the rainbow to his boldly printed shirts, he took every style risk a man could ever take!

Amazingly, those styles died out. No more body-hugging silhouettes, please!

Fashion mostly takes a backseat, especially in winters. This is pretty obvious because, in winters, you focus more on staying packed. But, it doesn’t mean that you ignore your style overall. From oversized blazers to hoodies and joggers to full-sleeve T-shirts, we bring you the ultimate fashion guide to men’s winter collection.

Since we’re nearing colder days of the year, having a hoodie is essential. Hoodies for men are the most demanding style outfits in winters. They may not look as chic as other styles, but listed below are a few ideas that you can style out a hoodie in limitless ways!

While baggy tees and outdated sweatpants used to be the standard style option, today, it’s about blending comfort with function and style. Sporto’s stylish hoodie makes sure you’re properly groomed and comfortable. When selecting the right workout gear, team a hoodie with a men’s jogger. Focus on the fit more on anything else. The fit you’ll get with joggers or tracks is sharper and cleaner. Unlike jeans and chinos, joggers are apt for stretching and help you excel in running sessions.

  • Pair your sweatshirt with t-shirts for men

Sweatshirts have athletic-inspired roots, but you don’t have to be. Give your hoodie a modern sheen by teaming it up with any subtle t-shirts for men. When it comes to selecting the colours, go for dark grey, yellow, or black.

  • Give your wardrobe some character and attitude with printed hoodies

The Sporto’s 2020 Autumn Winter Collection is sure to rock your wardrobe. Available in varied styles, colours, and fabric patterns, the printed hoodies for men at Sporto makes sure you stand out. The logo print is of avant-garde quality. Prints would feature the Sporto logo. Wear a cool urban look when heading to an outing with friends. Alternatively, you can try out striped prints to upgrade your fashion quotient. Graphic prints may come and go, but Sporto’s premium collection makes a considerably stylish collection. And its fleece fabric will keep you really warm.

  • For an edgy look, go monochrome

When choosing colours, keep it simple. What’s great about simple and neutral colours is that they balance out bold colours. This means you can team up your sweatshirt with a bright-coloured outfit. Else, you can go for a monochrome look. It is one of the unfailing ways to look dapper. You can go for a black hoodie jacket. Sporto’s hoodie jackets not only beat the chill but also apt for formal or casual occasions.

What can be a better way to dress than to style a hoodie with front open zip and dual pockets on the side? Club this with joggersand you’re all set for your next adventure.

  • For classic lovers, solid hoodies for men are the right pick

The functionality of a sweatshirt is elevated when synced with a hoodie. Sporto’s navy hoodie jacket makes sure you are the attention grabber. This AW collection can be clubbed with stretchy tracks during camping trips. Exhibit youthful vibes; this collection keeps you prepared for the winter season. Its drawn cord, wrist cuffs, front zipper, and a terry knit fabric is something you can’t say No to!

Check out Sporto’s autumn-winter collection for a closet upgrade

Considering the rising demand for cool and casual winter wear, Sporto introduces its top-line products that are reckoned for quality, comfort and style. From vibrant colours and patterns to body-warming fabric, Sporto’s hooded sweatshirts are here to elevate your style quotient. Dig into the Sporto’s super chic yet super comfortable joggers. They’re so addictive that you would literally want to live in them. Be it for gym look or work from the home look, Sports has got you covered. Head to the website to grab in some effortless fashion styles- Sport bermudas, boxers, track pants for men , capris, T-shirts, Jackets, to name a few!

For a layered winter look, switch to Sporto’s latest men’s activewear collection- an epitome of flexibility and sophistication!

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